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Have you ever wondered how those MMA athletes drop so much weight?

Do you want to just understand what it takes to really lose weight and keep it off?


Have you ever wondered how those MMA athletes drop so much weight?

Hint: It never stays off, by the time they fight, the day after a weigh in, they are back to their starting weight.


Do you want to just understand what it takes to really lose weight and keep it off?

Hint: It's about changing negative habits into positive habits.

How many fad diets or diet pills have you tried and how many of those failed?

Hint: They don't work long term, if they work at all.


Do you really want to know the secrets to MMA weight loss?  Or how underwear models and body builders manage to look the way they do?  It's pretty simple: Massive calorie burn mixed with short term shedding of massive amounts of water.  In my book, I'll tell you exactly how it's done. In fact, I even give the secret away as a bonus for signing up for my newsletter.  I do that because those short term tactics do nothing for you in the long term. This book is really about creating a flexible system of weight loss centered around changing habits and hacking your brain.


We all know how hard it is to lose weight. We all know how hard it can be to keep that weight off.  Do you really think it's easy for those MMA competitors to drop 20KG for their weigh-in? Do you really think underwear models walk around looking like they do every day?  We've all seen bodybuilders during competition, but how do they look in the off season?


Hi, my name is Jonny Johnson.  I'm the creator of the eBook "Secrets to MMA Weight-Loss."  This book is actually not even really about the secrets MMA athletes use to cut weight.  I've been a competitor and coach in combat sport since 1983. I've been cutting weight or learning how, or teaching others how to do it since then.  I've been on the coaching staff of multiple National Teams and traveled around the world many times since 2004. This book started off as a guide to help other people learn how to cut weight, but cutting weight is not about losing weight and keeping it off, cutting weight is about dropping as much fat and water as possible without losing muscle mass, so that you can compete as a bigger stronger person in a lower weight class.  As I expanded the guide into a book, it became about using psychology tricks to end bad habits and create new good habits. This book is about realizing lifestyle changes to help everyone who wants or needs to lose weight. It doesn't matter if you need to lose 5 Kg, 50 Kg, or 100Kg, this book will be useful to you.


Do you have a wedding coming up and want to fit into that beautiful dress? Is summer just around the corner and that new neighbour at the lake seems interested?  Are you sick of looking at that flabby body in mirror and want to see something fabulous?  Are the years passing by and inevitably, pounds are packing on? I can help you. This book will help you.


This book is about how to change your life, lose weight, and keep it off.  This book shows you how models, combat athletes, and bodybuilders lose huge amounts of weight and explains how it is not a sustainable method.  This book is about how to make weight loss permanent. This isn't some snake oil sales pitch. I won't tell you "This one weird trick" for losing weight.  Losing weight and keeping it off are hard. This book is about making those hard things easier. This book is about hacking your mind to create a lifestyle change.  This book is about teaching you the skills and knowledge to turn your life around. I’ve had athletes talk to me years later and tell me how much they hated me at the time, but now, are so grateful for the push I gave them to help them succeed at something.

If you are just looking for the next newest fad, or some get skinny quick scheme, move on, go somewhere else, this is not the book for you.  Some movie star will be happy to sell you her goop mixture. This book is only for those people who want to understand the real reasons for weight gain and really want to change their lives.  There is more to weight loss than just dieting, and this book provides information, tactics, skills, and tools that go beyond mere dieting. I myself have used the methods presented in this book to lose weight.  I have coached Olympians, World Championship medalists, Common Wealth Games medalists, and multiple Canadian National champions. I have also coached elementary school kids and high school students. The contents of this book are the results of that experience and knowledge.


I’m a very detailed oriented person.  I’ve always dived deep into problems and tried to understand the basic principles of anything before I could understand the big picture.  Many people are just the opposite. No details, just the broad strokes. Weight loss was no different. I researched what each nutrient does, I researched the chemical reaction of converting fat to energy.  I researched how many calories you can burn without losing muscle mass. This book provides the details. But, if all you want are the broad strokes, those are there too.

“Jonny is absolutely correct with respect to the fact that

weight loss is about calories in vs calories out. He recognizes

that weight loss cannot be achieved without discipline. Athletes

who have a very specific goal weight must pay attention

to the science, math, and evidence-based research

Jonny details in his book."

- Viola Yanik, 2005 Olympian, 5th place

As a former elite combat sport competitor, I know how to quickly lose weight for the weigh in.  I also know how to quickly put it back on. When I was competing, I was easily able to lose 5KG of weight in just one day.  I could do 10KG over a period of a few weeks, but that was pushing it. When I retired, I learned how easy it was to gain weight.  Gaining weight is pretty easy. All you have to do is keep eating like you’re burning thousands of calories, then sit at a desk all day doing nothing.  That weight weight piles on real quick.

I used the knowledge I gained from my experiences and research to write this book.  I have coached Olympians and numerous other athletes who have competed at the world stage and nationally, and have taught them these skills and knowledge.  You can learn these too!

                  "Jonny was our weight control specialist for over 20 years.

His extensive experience working with high performance

athletes and his vast knowledge base of best practice were

essential in ensuring that our athletes could make

weight and most importantly, perform to an optimal level

after a weigh cut. This book provides detailed insight that

any athlete in a weight control sport should embrace and follow. "

- Shane Bradley, Canada Coaching Staff, 1992 Olympics 


The hard part about permanently losing weight is fighting yourself and your own subconscious mind.  Your habits are what really cause the problems. An important part of this book is about reprogramming your habits so that they work for you instead of against you.  Habits can be helpful or harmful. Poor habitual eating causes so many problems. Good habitual eating fixes so many problems. Forming positive habits around exercise is equally important in your weight loss journey.


In this book, you will learn about how easy it is to add exercise to your life, you will learn about what kind of food you should be eating, and what's in the food, you will also learn about supplements and maybe some things that can be considered "Snake Oil".  I will also tell you the secret to how MMA athletes can lose 20KG in just a short while for their weigh-ins.  


You could buy some goop from a movie star.  You could buy some snake oil from some other web site.  You could buy some pills from the weight loss section in your pharmacy.  You could do all of that, and each one comes with a hidden cost. Either the stuff is dangerous to consume, does not work, or not sustainable for life, and you could waste a lot of money.  The methods, techniques, and knowledge in my book are sustainable, backed up by science, and utilized successfully by many people in real life. And, I offer a 100% money back guarantee. I will give every cent back to you if you decide this book did not work for you.  The movie stars, the pill manufacturers, and the snake oil hucksters will not do that for you.


You could also believe you are just fine the way you are.  Studies show that thin people live longer (other studies show people who consume enough calories to just barely sustain their weight have a higher chance of living to over 100 years).


Which of those statistics do you want to be in?  How long do you want to enjoy grandchildren? What about great grandchildren?  What about the cost of the medical help to deal with those complications due to being overweight?  The older you get, the harder it is to deal with health problems. Weight loss is an investment in your future.  This book will help you with that investment. What is the cost difference between this book and 30 years of Type 2 Diabetes management?


Just about everything I talk about is available for you in libraries, web sites, book stores, and from other coaches.  But, I took all that information, I did all that research, and I put it all in one, easy to read, easy to use source. It took me years to learn everything, and put it all into this book, so you don’t have to.  Our time is valuable, we don’t have much of it. I use the services of many people who will save me time. I can change my own oil and flip out my own tires, but I pay someone to do it for me because it is easier.  The time to make an appointment, drop the car off, and pick it up is tiny compared to all those tasks involved in changing oil and flipping tires. Identifying snake oil fads and investigating them yourself is way more work than simply reading the results of my research.


This book is an accumulation of over 35 years of learning and trial and error.  I want to help you learn in a few days what took me decades. That's right, this book captures decades of knowledge and presents it in an easy to read format so you can have it too.  Why fail like I personally did many years ago? One time I decided to drop down two weight classes. My plan was to lose 11KG, and go from 68KG to 57KG, in one month. I was already sitting at less than 10% body fat.  I didn’t do too well. There were many things I didn’t know then that I know now, and had I known, I would have done it all very differently. I dropped water too early, I didn’t anticipate muscle loss, and I didn’t maintain sufficient nutrient intake.  I made the weight, but had a horrible competition.


There are many important parts of this book.  I talk about habits and how to change them. I talk about mental manipulation, how it is used against you, and how to use it as a force for good for you.  I talk about macro and micro-nutrients, what they are, and why you need them. I talk about food and food energy, and I talk about physics. A little of everything, but, it is all related and all important to understanding weight loss.

                    "I've known Jonny as a dedicated and enthusiastic coach.

Jonny's focus on goal setting and habit formation is sure to

help any who seek to improve their overall wellbeing."


 - Jeff Adamson, National Champion and Canadian Olympic Qualifier

My sincere hope is this book will help you as much as it helped the athletes I have worked with.  I am so confident that reading this book will help you, that I am giving a 100% guarantee. This book will help you, and I will refund every single cent you paid if it does not. 

No Hassle, No BS - 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!


If, for any reason, or even no reason, you just feel like you are not, 100% satisfied with this product, simply email us and request a refund within 60 days, and you will get your money back.


If there is anything we can do to enhance your buying experience, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. Our mission is to offer impeccable service, and we won't rest until you're completely satisfied. 


On behalf of our entire team, thanks so much for stopping by. We look forward to providing you with the best possible online shopping experience on the Web.  Have fun, enjoy our growing selection of amazing products and we look forward to speaking with you soon! 

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