Secrets to MMA Weightloss

Secrets to MMA Weightloss

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The original MMA Weight Loss Secrets book newly updated with more information.  This is more than just about how combat sports athletes are able to lose massive amounts of weight.  In this book you will learn how important habits are in our lives and why you need to use habits implement change.  You will also learn  about the manipulation techniques salesment use, and how to use them on yourself.  Finally, you will learn about how important exercise and diet are on a weight loss journey.

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Learn how you can:

  • Use the same advanced mental manipulation tactics that expert salesmen use against you,  to your own advantage

  • Build lasting habits that help you

  • Change old habits that are holding you back

My free 5 day Habit Challenge will start you on your way.  In this 5 Day Challenge, you will learn about habits, what they are, how they drive us, why we have them.  You will also learn how to make new habits, change old habits, and use mental manipulation techniques to make it easier.

Once we are able to control existing habits and create new habits, we can make our weight loss journey much easier.