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WhooWee! I’m Heavy

Ok, So Mr. Weight loss professional here has ballooned! I am 85.8Kg. This is the heaviest I’ve been since about 1996. There are several reasons, at least one of which may sound familiar to someone out there:

  1. I’ve been weight training and gaining muscle, probably over the last 5 years, I may have gained as much as 6kg of muscle.

  2. I tore my ACL about 8 months ago, and have not been able to do much running.

  3. I’ve been hyper focusing on the business, trying to get it going and letting other things slide.

And, at the same time, I’m doing other things:

  1. My alcohol consumption is too high for weight loss.

  2. My food consumption obviously is higher than it should be.

  3. I sit in front of the TV for 3 hours straight instead of getting out and doing stuff.

So, I need to take some lessons from my book and do some different stuff. I will try and do a daily blog post and describe my journey. To begin with, this is my initial goal:

  • I will add 250 calories of exercise and drop 250 calories worth of food from my daily diet to get down to 10% body fat.

I am missing some information, so I cannot finish the goal, I need to:

  1. Calculate my Basal Metabolic Rate.

  2. Calculate my % body fat.

  3. Calculate the maximum amount of body fat I can lose per day without losing muscle mass.

Finally, I need to change, remove, or add some habits:

  • I need to change my eating times to match Intermittent Fasting

  • I need to cut back on alcohol consumption

  • I need to track daily calories in and out

  • I need to add more calories burned to my daily routine

  • I need to remove calories consumed from my daily diet

In my next post, I will show you my BMR and estimated percent body fat, as well as talk about my plans for my 500 daily calorie deficit.

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