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Of all the habits we can have when it comes to cutting weight and training, the one habits that stands out above all the rest is proper nutrition. The right nutrition balance helps you gain or lose weight. Proper nutrition provides energy for your brain and your body. Proper nutrition allows you to train and maintain strength, while achieving your weight class goals.

Proper nutrition starts with making sure you have the right amount of calories coming in for the goal you have. You need a calorie deficit to lose weight and a calorie surplus for weight gain. Then you need to make sure your macros also match your goals. You need high protein intake for weight loss and high carb intake for weight gain. Then you need to time your food intake the right way. Certain foods take longer to process than other foods, so eating and training need to be timed so you can train at optimal levels. Next you need to make sure you are eating the highest quality foods available to you. French fries provide fats and carbs, but avocados provide better quality fats and carbs. Lastly, if you still have problems meeting nutrient targets, you can consider supplements. As an athlete in a sport with drug testing, you need to make sure your supplements are not contaminated with any banned substances.

Building habits around proper nutrition makes everything easier. If you want help achieving your own competition goals, sign up below for a free nutrition analysis.

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