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Day 80 : Starvation Mode

Today, I woke up and weighed myself. Weight is: 80.4Kg. Yesterday I consumed 484 calories below my BMR and did 776 calories of exercise above my BMR. Total deficit is 1260 calories.

That 6 week period where I am adding blood volume seems to be finished. My weight during maintenance days did not go over 81.5 and hitting a new low after my fasting day was easy. Once I broke into 81Kg territory, it took another 3 weeks to break into 80Kg territory. That could have been discouraging, but I expected it, I focused on the scale’s trends, not the specific value, I understood the other reasons for water retention, and I kept at it. This is why you build habits, write goals, and have a vision. It creates strength in the face of adversity. I’m predicting my last 4 Kg to be relatively quick. We’ll see if I’m delusional.

There is a misconception or maybe a false idea about so-called “Starvation Mode.” People believe they will slip into starvation mode after a few days of low calories.


Starvation mode starts to happen once you have been seriously deprived of calories for many, many, months. Think of the starving toddlers in Africa with distended bellies. Starvation mode is the body eating itself for nutrients. Our bodies evolved to handle extended fasting.

“But I don’t poop for days?!” Garbage in is garbage out. If you have been eating garbage food for the last few decades, you will be regularly getting rid of the stuff you don’t need. It’s literally crap. Once you start eating well, your body doesn’t have much garbage to get rid of, so it takes longer to accumulate and finally dump it. Also, while your body is storing that garbage, it tends to hold extra water, which is why I talk about water retention when I talk about calorie deficits not showing up on the scale.

When dropping your calories down below sustenance, as long as you don’t begin to exhibit anorexic tendencies and stay that way, you will not experience starvation mode.

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