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Day 76 : Disliking/Hating Tendency

Today, I woke up and weighed myself. Weight is: 80.8Kg. Yesterday I consumed 377 calories below my BMR and did 771 calories of exercise above my BMR. Total deficit is 1148 calories.

I finally broke into the 80Kg zone. I don’t know if this was a mental or physical barrier. But, this means my goal is close at hand. Also, gyms are going to start opening soon. This 1200 calorie deficit goal is difficult, and I'm probably losing some muscle mass.

One of Charlie Munger’s causes of human misjudgement is the Disliking/Hating tendency. This cause of misjudgement means that we typically ignore virtues in the object of dislike. That means we will tend to dislike those people, things, products, and actions that are associated with the object of dislike. We will also tend to distort other facts to facilitate hatred of the object in question. This will cause us to miss opportunities that may arise simply because we have prejudged that opportunity as negative due to what it is associated with.

How can we use this in our daily lives to help us lose weight? We need to associate what we dislike with other things. Since we want to lose weight, we dislike obesity. Obesity is our enemy, it is bad, we do not like it. Now, we need to associate actions and objects with obesity.

  • Look at images of what you don’t want to look like (make them worse than you are, and make sure they are not images of yourself), and project feelings of dislike onto those images.

  • List the bad habits that are associated with the kind of actions you don't want to do, and hate those habits, hate the things that happen as a result of those habits.

  • Consider the kind of people that embody what you don't want to be, and dislike that kind of person.

  • List the types and amounts of food that contribute to obesity, and associate those with obesity.

Men and women think differently so how we use this tool will be different. Men tend to be visual and women tend to be situational, so how we associate what we dislike with its attributes will be different. Men can use images such as obese people next to large amounts of unhealthy food. Women can imagine an obese person, then think of large amount of unhealthy food, then remember a very negative life experience. For both men and women, eventually, large amounts of unhealthy food will be associated with something we dislike.

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