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Day 7: No Gym, No Problem (mostly)

Saturday, I woke up and weighed myself. Weight is: 84.4Kg. Yesterday I consumed 360 calories below my BMR and did 600 calories of exercise above my BMR. Total deficit is 960.

Sunday, I woke up and weighed myself. Weight is: 84.8Kg. Yesterday I consumed 0 calories below my BMR and did 150 calories of exercise above my BMR. Total deficit is 150 calories.

Today, I woke up and weighed myself. Weight is: 84.3Kg. Yesterday I consumed 200 calories below my BMR and did 170 calories of exercise above my BMR. Total deficit is 370.

Busy weekend, and forgot to do blog posts for Saturday and Sunday, but I did keep track of my stats. I’m going to roll three days into one.

As I mentioned, Covid-19 has shut down everything, so now I need to make a home gym somehow. I have an elliptical exercise machine, so I can use that, but I want to at least maintain my muscle strength, so I needed to research how to do that. This is what I did:

  • These are they type of bands I have.

  • I have 4 different resistance levels. In order to increase the resistance, you can either add more bands together or pre-load the bands with resistance by wrapping them around your hands or stretching them further before your start position.

  • I then wrote down my regular workout, and tried my best to do it.

  • I used various pieces of furniture and doors as workout props.

  • The stretchy band version of chin-ups were pretty much the only thing I didn’t do because I could find a safe way of doing them that wouldn’t also wreck my house.

  • I preloaded the bands with tension to increase resistance.

  • The workout went way quicker.

  • Also, there are other ways to use things that create resistance in natural movement, which is always a good way to train.


It wasn’t a bad workout. Not as good as free weights in the gym, and waybetter than doing nothing. I didn’t feel the usual stiffness the day later so I would say that although I didn’t gain strength, I didn’t lose either. All in all, if I have to I will, but I would still rather do free weights.

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