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Day 68: Cardio Training Continued

Today, I woke up and weighed myself. Weight is: 81.3Kg. Yesterday I consumed 581 calories below my BMR and did 599 calories of exercise above my BMR. Total deficit is 1180 calories.

I found a really good article that gave me a lot of things to think about:

I will have to come back to this as I get into better shape, because my training goals will change. Once I get my base aerobic endurance up to where it needs to be, I need to start training for speed. You need the base before you can train the others. So, I had to decide what kind of training program I wanted, and I decided I wanted to push my lactate threshold.

Some questions I posed yesterday with answers:

  • What is my max heart rate? ⇒ 220 - age = 220 - 50 = 170

  • What is my resting heart rate? ⇒ between 52 and 62, average = 57

  • What should my target heart rate range for exercise be? ⇒ 80% or 136BPM

  • What kind of training do I need to do for a 10K run? ⇒ This one is answered below.

  • How long would it take to drop my resting heart rate by 10 BPM? ⇒ This one requires more research.

  • Are there any other factors I should consider? ⇒ My age.

One question to answer that wasn’t asked yet is: What kind of condition am I currently in? This website; has a good chart. I just ran 2.59Km in 12 minutes. It really hurt, but I did it. That puts me almost into the Superior category for my age group, in fact, I would be in good shape for a 20 year old. So that means I can actually train for a 10K if I wanted to.

This website: has a beginner 10K training program. Training for a 10K is a 12 week program. There are 2 rest days per week, 1 cross training day, and 4 running days. 3 run days are heavy load days and 1 day is an easy day. Overall, there is a load progression for the first 10 weeks, the 11th week is a taper, the 12th week is rest and heal week, and the race occurs at the end of week 12.

I guess after all this, do I need to do a 10K training plan or just continue what I’m doing?

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