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Day 67: Cardio Training

Today, I woke up and weighed myself. Weight is: 81.9Kg. Yesterday I consumed 135 calories below my BMR and did 366 calories of exercise above my BMR. Total deficit is 501 calories.

I feel like a robot saying these two things over and over: “Water Retention” and “20 Day Rolling Average.” Once you start dieting, you put less crap into your body, so you have less actual crap to get rid of, so it builds up. This build up is a source of water retention. Also, I have been drinking more fluids than I need so I’m carrying more water than my body needs. Also, my 20 day rolling average weight is 82.0Kg. I am having problems getting past that 81.0Kg barrier. Maybe it’s one of those mini-plateau things.

I’m finding myself not quite as competitive in soccer as I used to be. So, I wanted to get an idea of how quickly I could get back into rec league soccer shape. I decided a 5K run training program would help. So I started running. I found that my average run takes me for a little over 5Km, so a 10K run program might be better.

Some questions I wanted answers to:

  • What is my max heart rate?

  • What is my resting heart rate?

  • What should my target heart rate range for exercise be?

  • What kind of training do I need to do for a 10K run?

  • How long would it take to drop my resting heart rate by 10 BPM?

  • Are there any other factors I should consider?

More on this tomorrow.

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