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Day 65: One Week Hiatus

So I essentially took a week off from reporting and blogging. There were two reasons for this, one legit, one is an excuse. I have a few other projects and allowed myself some time to work on them, but in the end, I could still have made at least a quick post. I even forgot to track my food for one day. I have tracked my weight every day and all of my exercise.

Day Weight Food Exercise


Today 81.7 137 over 398 extra

Yesterday 81.9 162 over 178 extra

Two days ago 81.9 ? 0

Three days 82.3 382 over 0

Four days 81.8 707 under 392 over

As you can see, I at least stayed flat instead of gaining weight. You could call this a cheat week or a break, or a misstep. In some ways, like a cheat day, a cheat week can be beneficial. You take a break from work and come back ready to finish. Also, I really only cheated on some of my commitments to myself, such as blogging every day and keeping track of all calories consumed every day. I still did exercise almost every day and I stayed close to my target calorie intake as well.

I only have about 5Kg to go to reach my goal. I could do this in 5 or 6 weeks. That aligns with the start of soccer which would be good timing since I feel the extra bulk I was running with contributed to my knee injury.

One Kg a week for 5 weeks means an 1100 calorie deficit every day. 550 calories in extra exercise and 550 calories less in food. Standing at my desk for 6 hours is 360 calories, a 45 minute walk is 190 calories. I’ll do those 2 things 4 days a week. Running for 45 minutes burns 565 calories. I’ll do that 3 days a week. Then I need to cut down my food a bit more, but that shouldn’t be too much more difficult.

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