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Day 50: Plateaus After Initial Weight Loss

Today, I woke up and weighed myself. Weight is: 82.1Kg. Yesterday I consumed 219 calories below my BMR and did 426 calories of exercise above my BMR. Total deficit is 645 calories.

While working on content and promotion of the website, I discovered something I didn’t know. As I’ve been saying, I knew much of my weight loss was being masked by water retention. I didn’t know that some of that retention was due to an increase in my blood volume. Blood volume will actually increase for up to 6 weeks after beginning a new exercise routine. There will also be additional water weight from sore muscles repairing themselves. I may have been active before the COVID shutdown but it was a different kind of active. I’m hitting a different energy system during my workouts and I’m exercising my muscles in a different way.

The blood volume will not go away unless you stop exercising, but extra blood volume is a good thing. The water in the muscles will eventually go away once the muscles get used to the extra work or change in work. Once the muscle based water retention drops, there should be a rapid drop in weight loss. If after 8 weeks, you still have not seen much change, then you will need to re-confirm your personal data. That would mean re-calculate your BMR, re-calculate your body fat percent, start weighing your food precisely with a scale, and maybe even get honest with yourself and ensure you are tracking every scrap of food that goes into you.

Myself, I am very close to the end of my first 6 weeks on the new routine. In addition, as I have said previously, I drink a very large amount of fluids every day. I drink somewhere around 4L every day. The message is, be patient. Eventually you will see the results.

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