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Day 38: Accelerating Weight Loss

Today, I woke up and weighed myself. Weight is: 82.7Kg. Yesterday I consumed 380 calories below my BMR and did 777 calories of exercise above my BMR. Total deficit is 1157 calories.

If you want to accelerate your weight loss pace, there are two things you can do. You can eat fewer calories and you can burn more calories. Eating fewer calories does not need to mean eating less though. Replacing snacks with low calorie options allows you to still eat a large amount of food. While exercising, increasing your intensity allows you to spend the same amount of time exercising while burning more calories.

I’ve done both. It took me a while to lay down my cardio base, but now I’m running ½ hour 3 days a week. I burn almost 300 more calories on a run than I do on a walk. That creates a huge calorie swing. Then, instead of two packets of Mr. Noodles in a large bowl, I have a half cup of cottage cheese, a tomato, 2 sticks of celery and a third of a cucumber, all in the same size bowl. That’s a 600 calorie difference and just as much food volume. Combined, that creates an extra 900 calorie deficit. Remember though, if you want to maintain muscle mass, you need to make sure your calorie deficit is not too much.

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