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Day 31:Fat Shaming

Today, I woke up and weighed myself. Weight is: 84.3Kg. Yesterday I consumed 305 calories above my BMR and did 0 calories of exercise above my BMR. Total is 305 calories extra.

Essentially an oops day. I didn’t get out for a walk, didn’t stand at my desk, and ate too much. This is a good reason to write a cheat days blog post in the future.

A trend I’ve heard of is accusing thin people of “Fat Shaming” which follows closely with “Victim Blaming”. Now, if you’ve chosen to be fat, I guess that’s your right, but, studies have shown the following to be true:

  1. Obese people cost the medical insurance industry exponentially more than thin people.

  2. Other things being equal, thin people tend to live longer than obese people.

  3. Obese people tend to have more health issues than thin people.

Overall, thin people tend to have a better quality of life than obese people. Obesity is a lifestyle choice, and if you make that choice, you cannot bemoan that fact, nor can you accuse others of shaming you. You made the choice.

I have a nursing friend who told me a story of a man they called the 6 Million Dollar Man. He was severely obese and had to go through a quadruple bypass after a massive heart attack. While on the operating table, for 12 hours, he died 4 times. In addition, he needed extra anesthesia and an extra 6 people to move him around. He then had to spend many weeks in the hospital recovering, several of those in intensive care. Overall, this nurse estimates Mr. $6 Million Man cost the medical system 6 million dollars. Since I live in a social medicare system, I’m paying for his choices, that means my insurance costs have gone up to cover his medical issue. That means obese people cost me money. I don’t find that fair, nor do I have any qualms of pointing out that obesity causes problems.

I won’t apologize for fat shaming. I won’t apologize for pointing out that obesity is unhealthy. I won't apologize for pointing out that obesity costs all of us and not just the individual. Those costs can be either emotional or financial. Accusing someone of Fat Shaming is a cultural weapon used to shut down constructive feedback. Imagine if you are an athletic coach, teaching a kid how to skate, or run, or tackle, or pass, and the kid gets it wrong. When you go to correct the athlete, you are accused of “Tackle Shaming” or “Skate Shaming”. Your response as a coach is, “Too bad, in order to safely participate in this activity, you must learn how to properly do this skill. Learn or leave.” As a parent, do you want your child to suffer an accident because you forced their coach to not actually coach? Would you want your child to die early because of complications from obesity?

Some days I feel like we’ve gone soft. Right now, we’re all so worried about being politically correct that we cannot state truths to people. The urgency of a statement can be lost with the use of gentle words. If you’re obese, it will cost you. Either your life or your hard earned cash will be eventually lost to obesity. Obesity costs the people around you. If you leave this earth early due to complications from obesity, every person close to you is affected. If you have medical complications, it creates stress on those around you because there are strong emotions involved, there may be financial stress, and people who cannot usually take time away from their lives will need to in order to help you.

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