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Day 3: Some Expectations

Today, I woke up and weighed myself. Weight is: 84.7Kg. Yesterday I consumed 590 calories below my BMR and did 424 calories of exercise above my BMR. Total deficit is 1014. As expected, I bumped up above yesterday’s weight.

  • I expect to lose the weight by 6 months if I stick to the 500 calories deficit.

  • I expect that I will be able to continue to lose 3500 calories per week in body fat.

  • I expect to do HIIT sprinting 3 days per week and burn 1600 calories.

  • I expect to weight lift 4 days a week and burn 2160 calories.

  • I expect to stand at my desk for 2 hours, 5 days a week and burn 1450 calories.

  • I expect to walk 7 days a week and burn 1050 calories.

  • I don’t expect to lose 1.5Kg every day.

That’s a lot of expectations and equals to 6260 calories a week of calories burned. If I actually do achieve that level of activity, my food consumption will have to increase in order to not lose muscle mass as I lose more weight. Remember, I calculated my initial maximum fat loss without losing muscle mass is 967 calories a day, or 6769 per week, but, as I lose fat, that maximum value decreases.

I have three new habits to add to my exercise routine, those are standing at my desk, walking every day, and HIIT sprints. The walking and standing should be easy to accomplish, the HIIT sprints will be harder. This is where some of the mental manipulation tactics will be needed.

Yesterday, I didn’t get out for a full ½ hour walk. There was a good reason for this….. Wait for it….. Covid-19. Once I got back from the gym, I was reading the news, and the Premier of Alberta had just shut down nearly all public and private access facilities. This means my gym is shut down. So then I decided to find out if even going outside is a bad thing to do. After some research, I found the answer: It is OK to go outside, but maintain social distancing. Stay at least 2 M or 6 feet away from other people. But, by then it was late, and time to go to bed.

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