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Day 25: 4 Weeks of Weight Loss

Today, I woke up and weighed myself. Weight is: 84.6Kg. Yesterday I consumed 1662 calories over my BMR and did 18 calories of exercise above my BMR. Total calories over is 1654 too many.

Oops. Easter Sunday (my posting schedule is a few days behind the actual calendar). I had a big snack and an even bigger supper, with some chocolate treats after. I have to decide how to reverse 1600 calories. The choices are all exercise, part exercise-part diet, or all diet. The easiest is a combination of exercise and diet. Today is my fasting day, so food is somewhat taken care of, at least until later tonight.

This post is 4 weeks after my first post. Now is the time to review a few things:

  1. New and changed habits

  2. Total weight lost

  3. Weight loss process

Since food intake yesterday was an anomaly, and will be soon corrected, I’m going to go with data I collected the day before:

  • Weight was 83.4Kg

  • Body fat was re-calculated at 20.8%

  • Target body fat and subsequent target body fat was changed to 12% and 76Kg

New and Changed Habits

  • I walk nearly every day

  • I stand at my desk every day

  • I know nearly instinctively the caloric value of what I’m eating

  • I keep track of my calories burned every day

  • I keep track of my calories consumed every day

  • I create space in meal plan for the treats I want

  • I post and article to the blog every day

  • Write ahead for the blog posts nearly every day

I’m not going to say these habits are entrenched, but I definitely feel an urge that is hard to ignore.

Total Weight Lost

To calculate my total weight lost, I am going to use my 85.8Kg value as the starting point and use the rolling average as my end point. To date, I have lost 1.7Kg.

Weight Loss Process

My accumulated calorie deficit is 11442 calories, and calculated weight loss should have been 1.5Kg. I have a .2Kg difference. .2Kg is just less than a cup of water. Fluid retention from day to day is highly variable and can easily account for the difference. My weight loss process is successful.

Finally, What to Change?

Just because my weight loss process is successful does not mean I do not want to change it. I want to lose weight a little faster. I did not add HIIT training like I wanted to. I have not been to the gym (because they are all closed). I wrote in a previous post about trying to add too much. I added or changed 8 habits in the last 4 weeks and tried to add HIIT. HIIT was too much and then Covid hit so I lost gym access and tried to do in house exercising. Neither happened.

I still want to add HIIT and non-gym strength exercising. I don’t want to give up the time to do these on the same days, I think it would be easier to do them on different days, so I will do bodyweight fitness on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and I will do HIIT on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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