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Day 22: When to Re-Evaluate

Today, I woke up and weighed myself. Weight is: 84.0Kg. Yesterday I consumed 303 calories below my BMR and did 570 calories of exercise above my BMR. Total deficit is 873 calories.

How long should you wait before you re-calculate your BMR, or re-examine your meal plan, or double down on calorie counting? The reason why we do a rolling average is to see the overall trend. Day to day fluctuations have too much noise in them. For instance, I have swung +500g one day, the -500g the next. The general trend has been down. In addition, the number of times I hit below 84.0Kg on the scale is growing. But, is it enough? Am I losing weight at the pace I want?

Basically, the answer to “When should I re-evaluate?” is, “It depends.” And actually, the question should be “What should I re-evaluate?” There are many things that need to be looked at and possibly tweaked:

  1. BMR ⇒ did you calculate it correctly?

  2. Calories consumed ⇒ Are you counting everything?

  3. Calories burned ⇒ Are you accurately capturing your calories burned?

  4. Measuring ⇒ Are you accurately measuring your food?

  5. Fluid consumption ⇒ Drinking a lot of fluids will skew daily results

  6. Alcohol ⇒ Booze goes straight to fat, the opposite of so called negative calories

Do the math every two weeks. Add up calories burned and calories consumed. Does it come pretty close to the weight you’ve lost? I would say pretty close would be within about 10%. Outside of that range you may need to do some re-evaluation. What to re-evaluate depends on you. This is where you need to be honest with yourself. For something like this, keep it to yourself. You are accountable to you, so no shame is involved, just determination.

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