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Day 21: Food with Super Low Calories

Today, I woke up and weighed myself. Weight is: 84.3Kg. Yesterday I consumed 634 calories below my BMR and did 237 calories of exercise above my BMR. Total deficit is 871 calories.

I saw an article a while ago about negative calorie foods. I wondered is there such a thing? Is there food out there that burns more energy being digested than actually goes into your system?

So, there is something called the thermic effect. Roughly 10% of the caloric energy you consume during the day is expended during the digestion process. The thermic effect is affected by muscle mass. More mass equals higher thermic effect. The thermic effect is also affected by the type of food. Digesting fats uses 3% of the energy consumed, digesting fibrous vegetables uses 20% of the energy consumed, and digesting protein uses 30% of the energy consumed.

The end result is, there is no such thing as negative calorie foods. But, the calories can be so low as to be negligible on a small enough scale.

Food Serving Size Calories Consumed Calories into System


Cucumber 10 slices 10 8

Celery 1 stalk 6 5

Tomato 1 medium size 22 18

Lettuce 1 cup shredded 5 4

Making a salad from the above ingredients would result in 35 calories added to your food plan which converts to .01 of a pound in weight gain. In other words negligible. Eat 10 of these salads and/or start putting mounds of salad dressing on it, and things change, but one or two for a snack would hardly make a dent in your daily meal plan and fill you up.

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