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Day 2: First Day Results and Calculations

Today, I woke up and weighed myself. Weight is: 84.3Kg.

Yesterday, after my last blog post, I calculated my BMR, current Body Fat %, and maximum caloric burn without muscle loss. This is what I got:

  • BMR ⇒ The formula from my book says 1793. My Samsung Health app says 1811. Average rounds to about 1800.

  • % Body Fat ⇒ My inaccurate measurements, by myself, with a Vernier and not a caliper is 23.3%.

  • Maximum Daily Weight Loss Without Muscle Loss ⇒ Using this page as reference (Reddit) I calculated my maximum calorie deficit to be 967 calories per day without losing muscle mass. So my goal of 500 calories per day is within that range.

Yesterday was a fast day and I was quite active. Initial 1.5Kg of weight loss can be attributed to the 24 hour fast. I expect to gain some of it back by tomorrow. Food intake was 685 calories below my BMR. Exercise expenditure was 678 calories above my BMR.

Now I can accurately state my goal:

  1. I will lose 10Kg in 6 months, going from 23.3% body fat to 10% body fat, by dropping 250 calories from my daily food consumption and adding 250 calories to my daily exercise. I will accomplish this by doing the following:

  • I will add standing at my desk for 2 hours and walking for 30 minutes to my daily routine.

  • I will continue to lift weights four days a week, and will add HIIT sprinting three days to my daily routine.

  • I will monitor my weight, calorie intake, and calorie burn every day.

  • I will recalculate my maximum calorie burn on a weekly basis.

  • I will remeasure my estimated body fat % on a bi-weekly basis.

  • I will limit my calorie intake to the hours of 12:00PM and 8:00PM.

  • I will have one 24 hour fast day each week.

  • I will drop my serving size of the highest calorie foods I eat down to a reasonable size. For example:

  • I usually eat 2 packages at once of Mr. Noodles ⇒ 380 calories

  • I usually eat about 1 cup of nuts when I eat them ⇒ 680 calories

  • I usually eat 2 cups of cereal when I eat it ⇒ 225 calories

  • When I drink beer, I usually have 2 ⇒ 300 calories

  • When I drink wine, I usually have 2 glasses ⇒ 250 calories

  • I will snack on tomatoes, carrots, peas, celery, and fruit

  • Alcohol will be a next day bonus for bettering prior days exercise goals, and I will limit alcohol to 4 drinks per week, and no more than 1 per day.

When eating out, I will go with low calorie meals, and eat only a fraction of the meal.

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