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Day 15: My Other Projects

Today, I woke up and weighed myself. Weight is: 84.5Kg. Yesterday I consumed 256 calories below my BMR and did 88 calories of exercise above my BMR. Total deficit is 344 calories.

My weight is not changing much now after the initial drop. Two things to take away from the last few days: I need to do the extra exercise to keep the weight off. I need to cut out the excuses for not exercising (I have a long list, maybe I should do a blog post on that!).

So I have other projects I am working on, some are live and some are still in development:

  • ⇒ This is a music website I developed. I have the 5 Day Habit Challenge up there as a free download for subscribers.

  • ⇒ This is the corporate website

  • ⇒ Not live yet. This will be a mini-CRM targeted at small businesses. Small as in 1 to 5 employees with under 200 customers. This will have a very narrow focus on following up on calls and leads. Watch for it.

  • I’m thinking about developing a few other products, but between the time required to develop them and the ROI the product, I haven’t quite determined the order for development and I have to prove to myself I know the stuff or can actually do it.

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