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Day 14: Rolling Averages

Today, I woke up and weighed myself. Weight is: 84.4 Kg. Yesterday I consumed 152 calories above my BMR and did 214 calories of exercise above my BMR. Total deficit is 62 calories.

Yesterday was my fast day. I guess I packed a little too much food into one meal. Mostly the mistake was not looking at calories before I ate the item. There were 3 things I ate that were high in calories, and had I looked carefully, I would have eaten differently. I had 8 jumbo olives with my salad, they were 25 calories each. I had 2 smokies, they were 300 calories each. I had 3 slices of banana bread, and they were 200 calories each. 1400 calories just like that. Moral of the story: Count calories while building the meal.

This is a really good day to talk about rolling averages. My weight went up from yesterday. Every day our weight changes, sometimes up and sometimes down. If all you look at and consider for success is your daily weight, you may get distracted and discouraged because of those fluctuations. On the other hand, if you record your weight every day and monitor a 20 day rolling average, then you will see the trend, and if you're doing everything right, you will see a downward trend. For instance, my daily weight has been up and down for two weeks, but, my 14 day rolling average is down from the start.

So, don’t worry about daily results other than to observe and record them. Worry about the 20 rolling average.

Also, this Covid thing is making it tough to get good workouts done. I don’t have a fear of getting infected, instead I fear what my government is going to do. I’m afraid of coughing these days. Is someone going to call the police on me for inhaling funny and getting something hitting my throat weird?

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