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Day 11: Time to Re-evaluate

Today, I woke up and weighed myself. Weight is: 84.3Kg. Yesterday I consumed 470 calories below my BMR and did 510 calories of exercise above my BMR. Total deficit is 980 calories.

So I’ve been working on losing weight for 11 days. It’s time to re-evaluate some things:

  1. Am I calculating my calories correctly: Measuring serving sizes, counting all calories?

  2. Is my BMR correctly calculated?

  3. Are my exercise calories calculated correctly?

To answer those questions, we need to add up all the data:

  • Days in weight loss program ⇒ 11

  • Weight lost ⇒ 85.8Kg - 84.3Kg = 1.5Kg

  • Calories Lost ⇒ 1.5Kg * 7700 Calories/Kg = 11550 Calories

  • Calorie Deficit ⇒ 4355 Calories

  • Calories Exercised ⇒ 4197 Calories

  • Total Calorie Drop ⇒ 4355 + 4197 = 8552 Calories

  • Difference ⇒ 2998 Calories

To evaluate what we are doing, we need to convert our weight loss to calories and then add Calorie Deficit to Calories Burned, and compare. There will be 3 different scenarios, Total Calorie Drop will either be the same, higher or lower than weight lost (in calories). In my case, I recorded a weight loss of 2998 calories more than my recorded total calorie drop. Stated a different way, I lost 389g more than my calorie deficit indicates I should have.

I can think of a few reasons why my weight loss and my calorie loss do not add up:

  1. Water retention. Water is dense. 500mL of water is 500g. On the morning of my first weigh-in, I could easily have been carrying around an extra bit of water.

  2. Not accurately measuring my food servings. I don’t always use measuring cups for my meals. I could be easily under or over-estimating my meal size.

  3. Not accurately measuring my exercise. I could be burning more calories through out the day than I think.

  4. My BMR is actually higher than I calculated.

I think after 11 days, the error margin is not enough to worry about. Like I said, this is 1 cup of coffee worth of liquid. If I hadn’t lost any weight, or had lost 5Kg or more, then I would be worried. For people not losing weight in this situation, the first 3 reasons stated above are still valid. The 4th reason would be the opposite, your BMR is lower than calculated.

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